Decorating Using Primary Colours

The Primary colors - Red, Blue and Yellow, just the thought of them pops a happy, grand image in our heads. They are indispensible when you want to add brightness or balance to your room. But these three essentialcolorsare seldom used together except for children’s playrooms or nurseries.

Well,we don’t believe that is even close to adequate, just like these three can be used to make infinite colors, their various combinations can be used to create décor that is stunning and unique in its own way.

Check out some of the ways you can use them in your furnishings:

1) Not So Childish:

The main reason why people shy away from Primary colors is the belief that yellow, blue and red belong in a child’s nursery or paint box, which is just one of the many misconceptions associated with decorating. Primary colors look great in any room, just given they are used correctly and balanced out well. Rooms with good natural lighting and cross circulation are ideal for decorating with Primary colors.

In close quarters, they can make the room look a little compact and need additional buffers to make it look natural.

2) The Chosen One:

One of the best ways to include all 3 primary colors in the room without worrying too much about the design is to let one primary color lead and include shades and patterns of the other two. This way you don’t have to worry about them overshadowing each other or the décor being too loud. For instance, the yellow wall is complemented by a green cushion on a navy couch.

3) Play with The Monotones:

Never underestimate the power and utility of the monotones. If you don’t wish to go all out and paint your walls red (or blue or yellow), you can work with the furnishings done in these primarycolors spread all across the room,which is painted a lighter shade. White allows your lovely primaries to pop and the décor looks stylish and regal at the same time.

You can also use darker accents of black to highlight your pop art furniture or use anabstemious shade of grey for the entire room to give it a similar effect that you get with white.

4) Doorway To Radiance:

Don’t forget the doors and window panels while decorating with primary colors. It is one of the coolest trends in décor currently. For example, the green colored door stands out really well, maintaining the room’s overall warm and stylish feel.

So, do you agree with our thought that primary colors are great for any or every room or do you still believe in sticking with a single color palette? Have you used these colors in your décor in a new or better way? Tell us in the comments section below.