It’s all in the stars/Right from the Stars: Décor Inspired by Your Zodiac Traits - 1

Decorating or renovating your home in a style that suits you to the core and yet makes it look warm and stylish is not a work for those of faint hearts. Looking at the huge amount of options available and the wide variety to choose from may drive you to beg for divine inference, well why not tap the stars?

Now, your daily horoscope may not help you to turn your fortunes or prevent mishaps but there is after all some intrinsic value to the understanding of personalities represented by each of the zodiac signs.

Each sign represents an individual personality with specific tastes which if followed right would help you create a lovely décor that you would feel absolutely at home in. Take a peek:

1) Aries- Bold and Beautiful:

Aries are rogue charmers, with a flair for dramatic. Folks with this sun sign love making a bold statement. They have a distinct sense of style that is reflected in their decor which has a certain restless energy to itself. Vibrant colors and bold patterns are the way to go for this sun sign.

2) Taurus- Steady Luxury:

This earth sign has a thing for ease and luxury. Their decor is usually filled with antiquities and has a classic feel to it. Taurians love the earthy and metallic color pallet. Said to be quite the romantics, traditional looks with some twist would make for their happy places.

3) Gemini- The Vibrant Butterfly:

People with Gemini as a sun sign have a warm and welcoming personality that loves balance. Their space has a boho vibe to it that still manages to look inviting. They love entertaining and have a special love for symmetry and design. Vibrant colors and varies patterns is the way to go for Gemini.

4) Cancer- Rooted Elegance:

They are a little bit country and a little less rock and roll. Warm, farmhouse designs with an abundance of fuss describe them correctly. Add a few pastel tones and this die-hard will be right at home.

5) Leo- Regally Creative:

Flamboyant and hard to miss, Leo’s have a characterstic showmanship to them. Why should their decor be any exception? Believed to be characters of strong likes and dislikes, Leo’s want their room to be a strong reflection of their personality. Their space should have an imperial vibe and some signature pieces or structure to them. Colors like purple, red, yellow and orange can never go wrong for Leo’s.

6) Virgo- the Minimalist

Known for its love simplicity and order, this earth sign is all about clarity and minimalism. Earth tones and clean designs are the signature style for Virgo. Keep the furnishings to a bare minimum including only the necessary pieces and muted earth tones are your way to go when it comes to selecting the color pallet.