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How Modern Rugs Transform Your Workspace in this Day and Age

Your workspace is a private arena.

It is that part of the house, or office, where you make your toughest daily decisions, the place where the mind must be in perfect balance so that it can produce work. Because of its psychological context, it is often a space that requires a neutral color palette that touches lightly on the mind.

It will most likely have modern furniture and decor because the modern school of design generally emphasizes pared-down function over the clutter of ornament—to reduce distraction on the mind. And, to top it off,...

8 Ways Rugs Can Evoke Strong Emotions in Your Home

When you sit in a room with a rug, it has an impact on your mind.

This impact can last for a few seconds or even for hours, as colors ripple over your perception. Its intensity will depend on how you were feeling before you entered the room. And it can also depend on the aesthetics of the rug itself. 

While there is no hard science to this, certain colors and their hues exert a few common psychological influences on humans. As some of you may know, this is called Color Theory, and it is...

5 Ways to Style Rugs on the Walls

Hand-knotted rugs are an art form that has spanned a thousand years. The permutations of this human endeavor have resulted in beautiful compositions that deserve to be shared with everyone who is in the vicinity.

Yet, often, there's a nagging feeling that, as these works of art lie underfoot, not immediately visible to the naked eye, and accumulating dust and detritus from people and their pets, we are wasting their potential.

Parallely, there have been people throughout history who have had the same nagging feeling.

To avoid these problems, they simply affixed their rugs onto the...

5 Innovative Ways to Style Your Runner Rugs

Runner rugs are an enigmatic decor element.

Many people are uncertain how they can be styled within the walls of a home, and instead of trying to find the best arrangement possible with these elongated variants, they do not go through the process of learning about them.

In this post, we discuss 5 ways you can style your runner rugs for the worthy cause of holistic design in your living spaces.

1. Create Axes of Movement

One of the most important functions of a runner rug is to frame an axis...

8 Modern Rug Trends To Watch in Fall 2021

Autumn is the transition from summer to winter.

It is the time of the year when home owners bring out the palette that reminds them of the shifting colours outside: leaves quickening from colour to colour before being shed, and skies fluctuating between bright and dreary.

People depict the evolution of this seasonal change with their home interiors.

Streets, compounds, and park grounds turn into shades of faded green, burgundy, auburn, russet, purple, and orange. And one’s upholstery, curtains, bed linens, and rugs will often mimic these unique colours. Friends, guests, and neighbours inspect your artistic ideas, so...

5 Tips to Choose a Rug for a Pet-friendly Home

Extravagant home decor does not often exist harmoniously with your pets.

Most pet owners know the chaos that cute, but unpredictable animals can bring into their living quarters. 

Long claws, muddy paws, restless teeth, spirited frolicking, violent tantrums, unruly bladders, and unbridled hormones—all these occurrences can be of a concern while selecting your rugs.

We want you to have a seamless home experience while selecting your rug, to expel the worry that your pet might ruin it. This post will outline everything you need to know to select your ideal, pet-friendly rug.

Home in on...


As manufacturers of largely hand knotted rugs, a few pointers for you to note is that our rugs are arranged over months, even years. Cocoon fine rugs are intricate textile products made from a range of knotting techniques, targeted to the part of society that prizes human artistry.

The knot is the basic unit of the whole. Essentially it is the knot where one can begin to understand these arcane masterpieces. Our finest rugs hold as many as 100,00,000 knots.

What type of Silk and Wool should you consider while purchasing your rug?

One often gets confused what is the quality of wool and silk that one should look at while purchasing a handknotted rug. Viscose, Artificial silk, bamboo silk are all words that one has probably heard of but does not know what they really mean and how they should affect our purchase decision.

At the end of this blog I’m sure you will know everything you need to know about different qualities of wool and silk...

How to Choose the Right Hand knotted Rug: A Guide from Cocoon

A well-designed rug has the decorative prowess to transform your room into a magical space. It serves as classy artwork for your floor and provides a complementary backdrop for other furniture.

Globally, interior designers have always admired the multi-tasking capabilities offered by rugs. First, the perfect rug lifts the mood and look of a room by enhancing the style quotient by several notches. Second, it does an admirable job of making the room's imperfections in one chic swoop!

There's a challenge though - many buyers struggle to find a rug with the correct colour, pattern and texture for their space....

6 Reasons Why Rugs are Essential for Home Decor

A space that has an been designed well needs definition and upliftment through various accessorizing. Today homes tend to be extensions of people’s personalities and need the extra extra-dimensional power that can even soften the eye of the toughest critic.

Elements like—lines, colors, textures, materiality, furniture styles, linens, curtains. Rugs/carpets—all play an important role in accentuating one’s home.

The mighty hand knotted rug will be discussed in this post, for its value as an essential element to any house that wants to maximize its visual and comfort value. We outline 6 reasons for its usage, based on its versatility.

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